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Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

Part 10 - Preah Vihear No Man's Land

2nd Gopura

The 2nd Gopura comes as a nice change after the disappointment over the 1st one some of the visitors might have felt. It’s in a quite good shape, at least on first glance, and much more impressive.

The Khmers are of the same opinion.

Some of the steps leading up to the 2nd Gopura are definitely not made to walk tall. The most convenient way is to negotiate them on all four extremeties.

These holes in front of the 2nd Gopura are holders for giant torches. When lit up at night the steps and the façade of this building radiated mystically with an eerie shine. 

The inside of this sanctuary is larger and in much better condition than the one of the 1st Gopura, but still no match to Prasat Phimai in Buriam.

Once passed the façade of the 2nd Gopura facing South allows the visitor a glance on some very interesting lintels. It’s easy to miss them, if too much impressed by the architecture as a whole and the buildings themselves. This might eventually blind the eye for details.

One of these lintels illustrates a central legend of Hinduism. “The Churning of the Sea of Milk”…

Cautionary Remark: Whoever intends to visit Preah Vihear / Khao Pra Wihan should ask for advice beforehand. As of now, April 2011, the place is closed for visitors. Thai and Cambodian troops face each other in close proximity. Renewed battles could emerge at any time.   

Today, April 26, 2011, as this blog entry is written, fighting resumed at the Preah Vihear

stay tuned... 

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