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Montag, 18. April 2011

Thailand News of the 3rd Kind

There are mainstream news and special local news, not considered worth to communicate to the global village.  This section will give such local news a voice...


  1. BANGKOK, Apr 17 - Bang Rak district chief Surakiat Limcharoen filed complaint against three Thai women dancing topless during Songkran festival at Silom area together with their supporters and those releasing the trio's video clip on the internet.

    The complaints are to charge the three ladies, dancing topless on Friday night at the Silom-Narathiwat intersection area, with a fine of no more than Bt500 each for shameful behaviour in public, while their supporters are to be responsible by two-thirds of the trio's punishment. Those releasing the clip will face imprisonment of up to 5 years and fined up to Bt100,000 under the country's Computer Crime Act.

    Concerning the matter, Culture Minister Nipit Intarasombat had asked prosecutor to order those related in the case to also perform public duties apart from paying the fine such as reading books for kindergarten children about the Songkran festival at least three times to set as good example.

    He said that the clip has negatively affected the image of Thai culture and that all parties involved with such behaviour should be punished, while asking police to give importance to this issue, for it destroys the country's reputation.

    (MCOT online news)

  2. Anmerkung: Songkran ist das Thailändische Neujahrsfest. Es richtet sich nach dem Mondkalender und findet etwa Mitte April statt. neben März der heisseste Monat im Jahr. Fast ein Woche lang finden Wasserschlachten in den Strassen statt, besonders in den Touristenorten. Der Alkohol fliesst in Strömen und die Anzahl Verkehrstoten pro Tag erlebt einen unschönen Höhepunkt.

    Traditionell finden sich die Familien zusammen und ehren ihre Alten, indem sie deren Hände mit Wasser benetzen.

  3. Since April 22nd, 2011, Thailand fights Cambodia in a cozy way. Civilians carry heavy boxes for the military. Some artillery shells hit Cambodian soil every 15 minutes without being meaningful military targets. My thoughts and compassion are with the people living and farming in this area.